I've always been naturally curious about technology and have a had a lifelong passion for tinkering. I built my first PC at age 12 and have never looked back. Professionally, I've spent time both repairing hardware and creating new functionality through software. I love solving problems and learning new frameworks to build exciting new things with.

Problem Solver, Critical Thinker

In my professional and educational experience I gained the most satisfaction through working out hard to solve problems. I enjoy taking ownership of issues from start to finish and constantly chase that accomplished rush of having implemented a great solution

My Resume

Dedicated Husband and Father, Avid Homecook, Guitar Hobbyist, Unabashed Geek

Outside of work I love spending time with my wife and daughter, cooking food and pursuing my hobbies. I've been playing guitar long enough that I should be good at it and running the same D&D campaign for over two years. I love sharing these interests with others and making new connections along the way

Current Projects

Some of the projects that I've been working on

Good Eats

A Good Reads inspired pp that lets users share, comment on and "yum" their favorite recipes

Built with Node, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Pug Templates

Live Link


I used this project to explore websockets and imitating extant styling from source material, we were attempting to copy popular chat app Discord

Built with Python, Flask, SocketIO, SQLAlchemy, WTForms, Node, React, Redux

Deployed with Docker on Heroku

Live Link


A bit of a personal passion project, Finder is a Tinder inspired app focused on helping Dungeons and Dragons players connect with new groups

Built with Python, Flask, SocketIO, SQLAlchemy, Node, React, Redux

Deployed with Docker on Heroku

Live Link